Our history

Da oltre 20 anni alla ricerca del perfetto equilibrio tra artigianalità e tecnologia.

Based in Massa Fermana, the town of hat, ManifatturaFermanaSrl is a small, handicraft and family owned Business Company.

Since 1992, it designs and produces hats, scarves, foulards, gloves and clothing accessories.

The name of the company encloses both the handcrafting and the tradition, which the product is created with and the place where it was born and grows, namely Massa Fermana.

 All the products are made by fine yarns, fabrics, and cutting-edge technologies. The entire staff always works paying profound attention to details so as to safeguard the Made in Italy.

The entire production is done in Italy in order to safeguard the Made in Italy brand due to which Vizio has the “100% ITALIAN MANUFACTURER” European Quality Certificate. Finally, the company is part of the “ARTISTIC ARTISAN PRODUCT” association, which guarantees that the production follows artistic dictates and artisanship.