Behind every accessorize, the perfect belance between craftsmanship and technology

Where Vizio Collezione born

In the hinterland of a highly productive region as Marche, there is a small town in the province of Fermo, Massa Fermana, renowned for its history in handcrafting tradition and for its specialization in manual work.

In this hamlet, more than twenty years ago, it was born a production reality with the aim of becoming a reference point for the production of hats and gloves. ManifatturaFermana, whose name intends to underline its roots in the territory and its belief in handcrafting, pushes itself way beyond the creativity and the manual character of its origins by using cutting-edge technologies for the realization of its models and by always taking into account the latest fashion trends.

One of the flagships of the company is the careful attention to the quality of all the materials needed for the production of each item that composes the Vizio collection. The best wools and the finest yarns available on the market are deployedin a production, which is proud to show the best technologies of the sector. The continuous research of perfect balance between the handcraft work and the introduction of sophisticated details leads to important collaborations, among which the ones with Swarovsky and Preciosa.

The elegance is the centre of the style of Vizio, which offers wide collections suitable for any daily looks and for any seasons.

Love for Made in Italy

All the products are made by fine yarns, fabrics, and cutting-edge technologies. The entire staff always works paying profound attention to details so as to safeguard the Made in Italy.
With the brand VIZIO COLLEZIONE, the company is not present only in Italy but also all over the world, from the East to the West, participating in several international fashion fairs in Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow, Dusseldorf, Paris and Chicago.

How Vizio Collezione born

The combination of quality, particulars and finely details aim to satisfy the most demanding women because Vizio, that in Italian means addiction, wants to assure that their habits, vices and whims will be satisfied.

That is the reason of the brand’s name.

With every collection and every news, Vizio wants to enchant the customers with warm, light and trendy creations that are also able to repel moisture thanks to both the use of innovative technologies and of the best materials available on the market.

An accessory for every moment and for every season, a collection that is all to be discovered and that will be able to satisfy every “addiction” of the most demanding women.

Technology, artistic extravaganza and fine materials, love for the made in Italy and high professionalism are the cornerstones of each product. Vizio insists on these foundations in order to offer a real high quality product.

The entire production is done in Italy in order to safeguard the Made in Italy brand due to which Vizio has the “100% ITALIAN MANUFACTURER” European Quality Certificate. Finally, the company is part of the “ARTISTIC ARTISAN PRODUCT” association, which guarantees that the production follows artistic dictates and artisanship.

Our outstanding team

Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct each individual achievement towards an organized goal. It is the fuel that allows ordinary people to achieve uncommon results.”




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