Technology, artistic extravaganza and fine materials, love for the made in Italy and high professionalism are the starting points from which each product is created. Vizio, which was born from the professional knowledge of Manifattura Fermana, insists on these foundations in order to offer a product of high quality.

For the production of each piece, the most modern technologies are used, in perfect balance with dexterity and craftsmanship tradition. The entire production is performed in Italy in order to safeguard the Made in Italy brand due to which Vizio has the "100% ITALIAN MANUFACTURER" European Quality Certificate. Finally, the company is part of the "ARTISTIC ARTISAN PRODUCT" association, that is, the guarantee that the production follows artistic dictates and craftsmanship rather than industrial.

Massa Fermana is a small village on the hills of the Marche where, historically, handicrafts have always been a part of the economic development of the local community. It is in this quaint hamlet that Manifattura Fermana was born, making itself acquainted throughout the territory through practicing the knowledge it has, in twenty plus years of hard work, in the creation of hats, scarves, gloves and clothing accessories, until the birth of the Vizio Brand to which it contributes experience, artistic taste and communicative ability.

Moscow, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, these are just some of the international endeavors where the brand is renowned for its quality. The elegant finishing touches of each element are the fruit of collaborations with big names such as Swarovsky and Preciosa, which collaborate with Vizio for the supply of all the brilliant elements of the various collections.

This combination of quality, particulars and finely finished details aim to satisfy the more demanding women namely because Vizio begins from the assumption that habits, vices and whims must be content.

That is the reason of the brand's name.

With every collection and every novelty, Vizio wants to satisfy the customers with warm, light creations that are able to repel moisture indeed thanks to the trends of the moment, but also to the use of innovative technologies And of the best materials available on the market.

An accessory for every moment and for every temperature, a collection that is all to be discovered, which will satisfy every "vice" from the most demanding women.


What is the ALPACA?

The alpaca is a pet belonging to the camel family. These Unique animals live in the Andean Highlands (South America) at an altitude of 3500 - 5000 meters above sea level.

They live in the mountains, where the temperature difference amounts to 30 degrees, and for this reason the Alpaca has a special fur: light, thin, soft and so dense it protects from moisture.

The wool of the Peruvian Alpaca is appreciated all over the world. This wool miraculously combines the healing properties of the camel's hair with the silky and soft wool of the lama.

This wool has great beneficial properties: It decreases headaches, improves blood circulation and attenuates back pain. It's three times more resistant and seven times warmer than sheep's wool.

It is no coincidence that locals have renamed it as the Divine fiber.

Alpaca fur is divided into different types: ROYAL BABY ALPACA (Superior softness and finesse) - fiber diameter 19 microns, BABY ALPACA (High quality and softness) - 22.5 micron, ALPACA EXTRATHIN (Super soft) - 25.5 micron, ALPACA - 32 microns. These names do not reflect the age of the animals but only the quality of their wool.

In nature there are two types of Alpaca: SURI is Huacaya which differ among them only in fur texture. The HUACAYA alpaca's wool resembles the hair of a plush teddy bear, while the SURI's looks like a horse's horsehair. The SURI Alpaca wool has a special value And these animals are considered to be of superior breed. Its wool is long, thin, shiny and straight, so it is much more valued.

The animal is sheared twice a year but never shaved completely like sheep living at a more rigid temperature. Therefore the wool collection never exceeds 3 kg and once collected it goes into the hands of precious workers who divide it by quality.


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