In the hinterland of a highly productive region like Marche, there is a small village in the province of Fermo, renowned for its history in handcrafting and for its specialization in manual processing.

In this hamlet, Massa Fermana, more than twenty years ago, a production reality destined to become a point of reference for the production of gloves and later hats was born. The Fermana Manufacturing, the name of which intends to reiterate its belonging to the territory and firmness on craftsmanship, pushes itself way beyond the creativity and manual character of its origins to focus on the implementation of cutting-edge technologies for the realization of models that are always mindful of the latest trends.

Studies concerning its industry and latest style trend lead to the creation of ever-new pieces.

Another one of the company's flagships is its high regard for the quality of all fabrics, materials and yarns used for the production of each garment, and in particular the Vizio collection. The best wool and the finest yarns on the market are employed for a production which can indeed exhibit the best technologies in the industry. Even the details are often the result of important collaborations, of which Swarovsky and Preciosa among the earliest.

Interesting is the great attention the company places in the development of new processing techniques, in which constant research of a perfect balance between artisan and manual labor and the introduction of simplifications and refinements given by the use of new technologies is at the heart of corporate spirit.

Elegance is at the center of the Vizio style, which proposes various collection for every and all seasons, for an always perfect look in every moment of the day.

"Vizio, behind every accessory, the perfect balance between craftsmanship and technology"

Massa Fermana
Massa Fermana

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